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Law of compensation


Law of compensation is a branch of civil law that involves the field of damages and damage- events, which deducts the assets of the individual or influent and damages his body, honour, good name, physical integrity, physical pains, fear and other pain...) The compensation rules determine who is responsible for an damage event (accident) and when the injured party has a right for damage compensation. Compensation represents a restitution for the damage. Slovenia law recognizes the non-material damage and the material damage. The material damage can be the actual material damage (damnum emergens) and the lost profits (lucrum cessans). The immaterial damages is physical damage such as psychical pain, fear, loss of reputation of a legal person. We know financial compensation (in money) and non-financial compensation (publication of a correction of an article...). The aim of the compensation is to set a state, as it was before the damage accident. Individuals have a right for compensations in case of labour accidents, traffic accidents, accidents on private and public areas, negligently treatment, attack of animals....



Our Law firm we help you:

  • Composing compensation claims for legal person and naturals persons (human in case of damage events)

  • Evaluation of litigation or pre-litigation situations.

  • Management of litigation matters before civil courts

  • Representing clients in front of the court and in out-of-the court matters

  • Participating in negotiations

  • We undertake a success analysis, so you can know what to expect of a legal proceeding

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