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Law of obligations


Law of obligations is a branch of civil law. It regulates the relationships between two or more contract parties. One the parties has the right to demand a fulfilment of the obligation and the second party has to fulfil it. The obligation relationship has an effect only between the contracting parties, is has no effect on third persons. We know Contract obligations and non-contracting obligations. Contracting obligations are established when signing a contract between the contracting parties. Non-contracting obligations can arise from unacceptable or culpal treatment of parties (delict), unacceptable treatment where the culpa does not matter (quasi delicts), of an unjustified enrichment on behalf of somebody (condition or version). We advise our client in all stages of conclusion of contracts, we negotiate and represent your civil matters in front of civil courts and in out-of-the courts matters. We analyze the possibilities for success in a legal proceeding.


Our Law firm we help you


  • We prepare all kinds of contracts and agreements

  • Consultancy regarding the Law of Obligations Competition law

  • Review of contracts and assessment of legal risks.

  • Negotiations.

  • Keeping companies and individuals informed about new regulations

  • Evaluation of litigation or pre-litigation situations.

  • Management of litigation matters before civil and commercial courts.

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