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Employment Law

We offer legal consulting regarding employment matters like relationships between employer and employee, conditions of work, employment contracts and termination of employment. We advise on preparation and on request prepare all acts and documents needed to regulate employment relationship (collective agreements, general acts, employment contracts etc.). We advise and cooperate in disciplinary proceedings and proceedings regarding the termination of employment. We mediate in conflicts between employers and employees and represent employers and employees in court and other competent bodies. We represent clients in labour disputes, our law firm files lawsuit for payments of salaries, vocational allowance, contributions to the Labour and health Pension Fund, travel expenses, by contributing, claims for payment of compensation for damages for pain and suffering as a result of mobbing

Our services in the field of Employment Law:

  • Contracts of employment: drafting, amendment

  • Manager contracts of employment and regulation of status of company executives

  • Preparation of collective agreements, general acts, rule books and other employer's acts

  • Termination of employment contracts

  • Preparation and optimization of employment consequences of reorganizations and corporate restructurings

  • Disciplinary proceedings

  • Health and safety, working conditions

  • Resolution of collective conflicts

  • Anti-mobbing programs

  • Representation of employers and employees at court and other competent bodies

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