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Law firm PRUS PIPUŠ - 律师事务所

specialized for commercial, real- estate, criminal, -labor -, family-, compensation-, commercial law, debt collection…..专门从事商法、执法、刑法、国际法、劳动法、家庭法、赔偿法 (收债)


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Our vision - 我们的愿景

Our law firm is in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia on Tavčarjčeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana.

Our goal is to give quality and effective legal aid to our clients. We offer legal aid and representation in front of the courts, state and EU institutes, primarily in Slovenia. There is no legal problem, that we cannot solve together. A good knowledge of foreign languages, helps us find solutions for legal problems with an international element, also we can access a wide specter of foreign legal judiciary. We also cooperate with other Law firms in EU and abroad. We cover a bride area of law like: civil law, commercial law, real estate law, company law, criminal and misdemeanor law, media law, debt- collections law….. Lawyer in Slovenia, Attorney at law Slovenia, legal help in Slovenia for foreigners ... 我们的目标是为所有客户提供优质和有效的法律援助。我们在斯洛文尼亚共和国和欧盟的法院、国家机关和机构的面前提供法律援助和代表。没有我们解决不了的法律问题(viribus unitis,联合力量级战列舰)。对于经济和社会弱勢群体,我们也提供免费的法律援助。良好的外语知识帮我们解决具有国际因素的法律问题,而且让我们接触到更加广泛的国外司法。事务所由律师 Peter Pipuš领导。我们事务所的总部在卢布尔雅那。事务所涵盖的法律领域包括: 劳动法、继承法、财产法、赔偿法、侵权法、执法、商法、国际法、刑法、轻罪法、知识产权法。我们还和欧盟其他律师事务所合作。我们也能帮您在奥地利、德国、瑞士和其他欧盟国家行使您的权利。


Quod non est in actis, non est in mundo.

What is not in legal acts, that does not exist in the world


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  1. :Prus Pipuš律师事务所

律师:Peter Prus Pipuš
地址:Tavčarjeva ulica 13
1000 卢布尔雅那
手机号码: 00386 (0)641 25 539

First legal counsel in the office costs 75 EUR.

For general questions and the first legal counsel contact us. Pleas fill the formular under the text. 如欲查询一般问题、 评估执行赔偿的可能性及在本地召开会议, 请您通过填写以下表格与我们联系

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